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I am wondering which would be the best out of the three listed below:

1. Tritton AX Pro
2. Turtle Beach DPX21
3. Astro A40 Audio System
Well I don't know about the Tritton AX Pro but my little brother has the Turtle Beachs and he loves them. The astro A40's are something that youtube gaming commentators preach about over and over. I think with these high end headsets I doubt you could go wrong with any of them.
That is pricey for some headphones. This is what I buy for my headset.
But then, I am a dad. lol
I have those. While they are good for music and movies on my laptop. I would never use them for gaming. It's hard to hear depth (if thats the right word) With games you need clear sound and be able to know exactly where something is at. With those I don't feel like I have that. Plus for gaming usually you need a mic and those don't have that either Wink
Oh I know lol. I would probably just use or even I would breakdown for
I have an old pair of Turtle Beach headphones from 5 or so years ago and they still work and sound great. Lots of bass feedback and decent-enough surround.
Like I said, these are old, and they were only 60 bucks. I can only assume they have gotten better with time. I don't have any experience with the others, but I can vouch for TB.
I have the Turtle Beach X11's (the $60 version) and they are definitely a great bang for your buck. They are pretty comfortable and they have decent sound depth.

You won't be disappointed with any of those, I know people rant and rave about the Astros.
I just bought a set of Astro A40s. Big Grin

So excited!
Hey pick me up a pair too while you are at it Wink
(08-24-2011, 09:49 PM)Phrosty Wrote: [ -> ]Hey pick me up a pair too while you are at it Wink
It was hard enough to convince the GF to let me get this pair. Right after I purchased them, she complained that I had money for a gaming headset but not for something around the house. LOL

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