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Full Version: Best nes games?
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So it's been a long time since I have played NES games and I am looking for suggestions. I have been playing them on my phone, with a wii remote. Once I get a classic controller to attach to it I will move on to snes but for now it's all about the nes.

I have been playing Mario 3, contra and gladius. I tried playing metroid but I just couldn't get into it. Do any of you have suggestions?

On a side note. Playing NES games on a big screen tv with my hdmi out from my phone..... EPIC
Sorry. I grew up with the SEGA GenesisTongue. BTW. Super mario 3 is the only good NES game that i remember besides SMB, But For SNES there are the following:
Mortal Kombat series (No blood or even fatalities on SNES version)
Killer Instinct
Robocop Vs Terminator (No blood on SNES Version)
NBA Jam Tournament Edition (played on Genesis)
I hope you like them.Big Grin
Who would say that a single NES cartrige was bigger than your phone XD.
I might also play some game boy advance games too. Who knew this would be so fun.
Brings back memories.

Excite Bike
Offroad Fury
Kung Fu
Oh my gosh, how could I forget about excite bike.
The best nes games are super mario,metal slug and contra. these games are too old can be easily play on previous game stations and also play on on pc.
I have been playing GBA games on my phone for a while know but I hadn't thought to use the HDMI out. I may need to try this. Thanks for the tip.

Some of the GBA games I have enjoyed are:
Advanced Wars
Castlevania -Aria of Sorrow (I really enjoyed this one)
Chu Chu Rocket!
Any of the Final Fantasy games
Fire Emblem
Golden Sun 1&2
Megaman Battle Network
Sword of Mana