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Full Version: Counter Strike: Global Offensive
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Alright, I'm officially pumped. I havent played CS in a long time being my desktop died and I don't have the money to build a new one yet but I'm making sure I have something to play this on when it comes out.

Its coming to consoles as well but Counter Strike belongs on the PC. Its due out sometime early in 2012!
I want it so bad already. I love counterstrike.
Same, I played alot of Source a few years back and a bit of 1.6 but I was never very good. I'm tempted to pick up Source again and see how it runs on my laptop. It might hold me over for a while.
I know it wouldn't run on my laptop or netbook for nothing. I have never played source. Last time I played 1.6 was when source came out. I remember playing on 1.5 and having to try and find servers on your own lol. Back when I had a voodoo video card Wink
There is a new survey available that you can complete to get your Steam account in the pool for beta keys. All of the gameplay and streams I've seen of the game look great, definitely worth giving a shot to get into a very restricted beta thus far.
Awesome. Just did the survey Smile
My name on CS 1.6 and CS: S is "GotHax?" which I chose after being called an hacker so many times because I was just dominating my enemies with headshots. You'll definitely see me on GO when it's released Wink

While I'm there, would anyone be interested in HR getting their CS: GO server, assuming that will be possible?
When I played with in Source, you were quite dirty with the AWP. I knew you had l33t haxorz!

I'd definitely be interested in a CS:GO server, I'd chip in towards that if needed!
It's already early 2012!

And I only played 1.6 cause friends forced me to. I was terrible at it. As I am at most FPS games. Except Tribes
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