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Full Version: Diablo III
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Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone was interested in buying Diablo III when it is released, and anyones overall thoughts about the game so far. I played Diablo II for a while, but I got really really pissed at the game when it deleted my characters for being inactive Angry
But yeah, I am probably going to get it, so I was wondering what others thought or if they had any info they want to know or want to share!
The whole auction house using real cash and requiring an online connection are two big turn-offs for me, but as a previous avid DII player, I'll probably give D3 a try as long as it's not too poorly reviewed when it's released.
I do agree on the required online connection as beeing a large turn off as well, the real cash auction house thing is intriguing, even though I do not plan on actually spending money, but the fact that you can make real money from it is a pretty neat concept I think.

The main reason I am most likely going to get it is because I need something to play while at university that does not drain my cash like WoW haha, and League of Legends gets pretty boring after a while...
That's the problem that I see: If you want top-tier gear (Think unique/sets from DII), you'll have to pay top dollars at the auction house. If you're not careful, you'll end up spending quite a bit.
I have a two main problems with the auction house. D1&2 were massive loot-fests. My understanding is that loot is the basis of the gameplay. The fact that you can just use your wallet instead of grinding seems like it would take out a part of what makes it Diablo. My second complaint is that Blizzard takes money from your sales...three times. Once when you put it in the AC, once when the item is sold, and once when you decide you want your money. And they are all flat rates, not a percentage or whatnot. If you put an item in the auction house and charge 5 dollars for it, somebody could and would put the same item up for $4.99. Then your item doesn't sell and you lose the money you spent to put it up, then pay more to put it back in the AC. I know Blizzard said it wouldn't be a problem, but gold farmers will be the biggest benefactors of this system.

The always-on DRM thing doesn't bother me much, and pirates will eventually figure out how to get past it. In fact, I would prefer a pirated version, because then there wouldn't be the AC and it would be the grindfest it's predecessors were.
The auction house thing bothers me a little and at the same time I fully understand why they are doing it. Diablo 2 item sites to this day spam every game and every channel. Hopefully with an in game auction system that will be reduced or eliminated. My only problem with the auction house is that it's not that blizzard is trying to stop auction sites, it's that they are trying to make an extra buck by taking a cut of the sale price.

I personally will never use the auction site unless it's a couple pennies here or there. I would never spend more than a few cents on an item.

I may get diablo 3 if I ever get a computer than could run it Smile
I understand what you guys are saying and I can see why the auction house will be a problem.

Now another thing that makes me a little sad about this game... No Paladin Sad I guess the monk sort of replaces it... But its just not the same Sad
I was always a necromancer, so witch doctor looks fun to me. In all honesty I have not looked too much into the classes though.
Bringing some much-needed insight into our discussion.

Warning: Fat guy rant.
Is that the same guy that cried because his wow account got hacked? Either way funny Wink