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Full Version: Pay Games that went Free
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Hellgate London
Not such a surprise it went free, since it didnt last long at all, and after all the success of these other pay mmos switching to the free model, I havent checked it out myself, but I hear its loads of fun.

APB: All Points Bulletin
Just like Hellgate, didnt do too well on the pay model, they went out of business, it gets bought by K2 Networks, and is switched to Free to Play, dont have to buy the game anymore, no monthly payments, People say its now Pay to Win, but its really not true, the default guns and such are really the weapon of choice.

hope I followed the rules for this post Cool
Need for speed World Online.
Heroes of Newerth and Team Fortress 2 recently went free to play.
oh yeah totally forgot about Heroes of Newerth, and yeah Need for speed world is tons of fun till you get the speed hackers :c