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Full Version: Guild Wars
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A friend of mine suggested I start playing Guild Wars with him. I played wow a while ago and was just curious if anyone has had experience with Guild Wars and if its worth starting?
I played way back when it started as a beta. Since then I have not played.
I've played when it was released, for a few months. Fun game, give it a shot.
I myself am not a fan of guild wars simply cuz there are soo many good free alternative mmorpgs out there, did try it when it first came out, didnt like the whole start at max level thing, and then I read about all the expansions they planned on and the thought of having to throw more money out each month, no thanks lol.
Guild wars is awesome, I hate paying $30 per month for games like wow D:
I received my beta just two days before and i recently started to playing it but as me was informed about that game that this game is amazing same it happened.