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Full Version: 5 GAMES FOR .02!!11!!shift+1
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So the title was a little misleading. It is the humble bundle indie game pack. It's all donation only as long as its more than a penny. I have played each game in it and they are all fun. So far my favorite is vvvvvvv though. Check out the website and pay whatever you can for the games. It also incldues a steam key so that you can activate them on steam as well Smile

Humble Bundle Indie Game Pack
Wow that's awesome, I always enjoy indie games. I'll toss them a couple bucks when I get home from work. Thanks for the heads up!
I got 'em too, tossed 'em $10. The Cogs game looks pretty entertaining. Thanks for the info, Phrosty!
Cogs is great, definitely my favorite so far. And Yet It Moves is fun but I can't play too long, it gives me a headache.
I agree. There is something about vvvvvv that keeps me so drawn in it's crazy. It's like Angry Birds, it draws you in and makes you so mad and you keep coming back for more.
Exactly! I've had to step away from vvvvvv a few times but I came right back. I wish they had a mobile version, I'd buy that instantly.
They keep adding more games to the bundle, the latest one is Atom Zombie Smasher and it is a blast if you like RTS type games.
They also added games if you donated more than like 6 bucks. Unfortunatly it seems most of these games cannot be played on my old old old laptop. So I am kind of out of luck so it would seem for a while.