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Full Version: First build (with pics!)
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Super excited about this machine. I spent just over $1700 on it. Originally I only had 6 gigs of ram but I was able to get another 6 with my credit card rewards points! Here are the specs:

Coolermaster HAF 932
Intel i7 950
Coolermaster Hyper 212
Asus Rampage III Formula
2x Radeon HD6870 in crossfire
12gb Corsair xms3
Corsair tx950w
2x Samsung 500gb in Raid 0
Lite On dvdrw

Before the mess:
[Image: build01.jpg]

Installing the motherboard was easy. The Hyper 212 was a bit of a challenge to mount. I used Arctic Silver 5 and it was my first time applying thermal paste so I was a bit nervous about that as well but after a lot of fumbling with the mounting bracket I got it to fit pretty snug.
[Image: build2.jpg]

First boot!
[Image: build3.jpg]

I had a little trouble with the bottom video card resting on the case light and power pins so I wedged a piece of antistatic foam under it to take the pressure off.
[Image: build4.jpg]

This is the current state of it. I put in a couple red cold cathodes to give it a nice glow. I also added a red led fan to the hyper 212 which didn't give me any better of a idle temp but it looks cool. I tried to keep the cables as clean as possible but I didn't go crazy hiding them.
[Image: build5.jpg]

Here's the mess in the back. If I had to do it again I would seriously think about spending the extra money on a modular psu. There are just so many damn cables on this corsair unit.
[Image: build6.jpg]

Here it is together and running!
[Image: build7.jpg]

The HAF 932 is huge. I kept my old tower on my desk but this is just ridiculous. I wasn't quite prepared for how monstrous it would be.
[Image: build9.jpg]

Running Windows 7 Ultimate.
[Image: build08.jpg]

Edit: Fixed pic sizes.
Awesome build & pictures! Very impressive looking too.

But can it play Crysis? Tongue
Very nice. Yeah, the Haf 932 blew me away when i seen it as well. The HAF X is supost to be the big one, and the 932 is only an inch or two short of it. I ended up getting the Scout Sniper case and its still one and a half times the size of my current mid size case.
Oh man does it ever play Crysis! So far I've had no problems with any games.

I almost went with the HAF X but said "naw, that'll be way too big". I couldn't imagine having that beast on a desk.
I really like the nice glow. So other than having to use the anti static foam there were no problems? Yeah that case is pretty big bug it still looks killer Smile
Not really. Considering I'd never put one together from scratch before I ran into very few issues. The heatsink probably took the longest to figure out but once I found video of it online it was no problem. When I first tried to boot it the power button on the case didn't work which is how I figured out that the bottom card was laying on the connectors. Nothing else really caused any issues.
Awesome I am glad to hear it. I love how the inner area of the case is free of wires.
Monster Rig!
Sweet rig, congratulations on your first build! Good job on the cable management too, especially for a first timer! Enjoy your new Gaming PC =D
I finally went to this thread and took a look. OMG is all I can say lol.
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